My First Place

My First Place, a 24-month housing support program, allows current and former foster youth ages 18 to 24 the opportunity to develop a sense of permanency for the first time in their lives.  Staff work intensely with each participant to set goals for work, school, relationships and long-term, stable housing.   Youth live in one- and two-bedroom apartments, and receive support with move-in costs, rent, food, essential furnishing, house wares, health and mental health needs, self-reliance planning, and access to employment and education services.  Some youth participate in PATH (Permanent Avenues Towards Housing), which pairs a youth with a permanent, caring adult of their choosing who provides the youth with housing in their home.  

My First Place program staff members work with the youth to set goals that develop self-esteem and move them toward greater independence. Through the stability provided by housing, youth build communities, pursue their dreams, and pave their own way for successful, independent living for years to come.  In the past decade, over a thousand California youth have been housed via this program.

First Place for Youth

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