Steps to Success

 Steps to Success, First Place's Education and Employment program, meets the unique needs of all youth who are focused on advancing their careers.  The goal of the program is to dually support a youth's educational and employment pursuits as critical components of increasing earning potential, building confidence, and taking positive strides in becoming self sufficient.  The vast majority of youth are not career-focused at ages 18 and 19, so this program helps them become focused through engagement, soft skills development and job development. 

Through the program, youth receive the resources and support necessary to obtain their high school diploma, GED or access post-secondary education.  Staff members provide academic counseling, assistance in applying for financial aid and scholarships, individual and group tutoring, strong connections to campus-based resources, and aid for purchasing school supplies and course materials.  Ensuring a foster youth’s success in the classroom is key as research shows that a college graduate will earn twice as much income over their lifetime as compared to a high school graduate. 

Participants also have access to resources to advance their employment goals.  Workforce readiness services include personalized service plans, intensive employment counseling, job development, comprehensive retention services, and an innovative approach that couples educational pursuits with invaluable workplace experience.


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