team mural Project

Youth at the First Steps Community Resource Center worked together to create a mural to express their experience aging out of the foster care system, and what First Place for Youth has meant to them. Below is a short description of the images and their meaning. The mural will be placed in the First Steps Community Resource Center in Oakland, at 1601 Telegraph.

The bird in the top right is a phoenix, which represents overcoming adversity. The Phoenix arises from ashes into flames, then is transforming to feathers, which circle the edge of the design. These feathers are bright, and many colors to represent the beauty of diversity. On the left side of the design, there are buildings from the Oakland skyline. They seem to be piled high and toppling over. This represents how scary and overwhelming a chaotic city can be when one has no place to call home. The heart next to the building is strong and full of love. The vanes coming from the heart are transforming into flower buds blossoming into huge beautiful orchids. First Place for Youth has given many opportunities for young individuals to grow and let their creativity blossom. This is represented by the flowers. In the bottom right of the design, there are houses emerging from the roots that emerge from the vanes of the heart. A place to call home can help build a solid foundation in a young person's life. 








Youth worked together at First Place's Community Resource Center to bring the mural to life.







Participants in the mural project proudly unveiled their work at First Place's annual Youth Holiday Party, December 2010.

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